VA EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LENDER CERTIFICATION To induce the Department of Veterans Affairs to act on any veteran’s application submitted by or on behalf of the undersigned lender, the undersigned hereby agrees:

1. That neither the lender nor anyone authorized to act for it will deny a VA loan to a veteran or discriminate in the fixing of the terms or conditions of such loan because of his or her race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin;
2. To apprise minority and female veterans of the availability of VA financing offered by the lender by conforming all advertising to the VA Advertising Guidelines for Fair Housing;
3. To prominently display the Equal Opportunity Lender poster in each place of business where VA loans are offered by the lender;
4. To incorporate the equal housing opportunity logo, slogan or statement as outlined in the VA Advertising Guidelines for Fair Housing in all advertising, including outdoor signs, radio, television, newspapers and other printed materials;
5. That noncompliance with the foregoing requirements may constitute a basis for the Secretary to refuse to accept applications from the lender. The Secretary may also refuse to accept applications where the lender has been denied participation in HUD Programs.